The end is in sight for guides who have spent the past five years fundraising to renovate the home they share with mice and asbestos.

The task of raising £100,000 seemed a mammoth one to 2nd Thames Ditton Guides when it began in autumn 2007.

The group initially thought it needed £20,000 for a new roof, but it soon became apparent five times that amount was needed to bring the hut up to scratch.

A sofa had to be thrown out because mice were living in it and in winter the hall is freezing because the boiler has packed in.

When work is complete the hut will have a new roof, wall insulation, heated flooring, double-glazed windows, a new kitchen, new plumbing, disabled toilet and new disabled access.

Rainbows, brownies and guides have all helped make the renovation possible by taking part in everything from cake sales and variety shows to summer fetes and discos.

Guide leader Bronach Hughes said: “At first it seemed impossible, but now we have £98,500 in the bank.

“It has helped the girls understand that money doesn’t just appear and that you have to work for it.

“It’s unbelievable what we’ve achieved and we can’t wait for work to start.”

The guide group is asking people to sponsor a tile for £10 and in return their generosity will be recorded in a special commemorative book.

Visit to contribute to the final fundraising push.