Cornerstone the Church welcomes back Reverend Chris Lodewyk on August 19.

He will speak at the morning service which begins at 10.40am.

During the 6.30pm service, Pastor Chris Demetriou will interview Revd Lodewyk on the subject of Christianity in politics. 

Mr Lodewyk has spent time in leading positions within the church in South Africa and for the South African truth and reconciliation process, including the organization which handled disputes and monitored violence during South Africa’s post-apartheid transition. 

Mr Demetriou, who founded the church, which is based in Sandown Park’s gold cup suite, said: “Chris Lodewyk has a lifelong passion for putting into practice what he believes in, not matter the cost.

“He is also a gifted speaker therefore the insights and experiences which he brings will undoubtedly be fascinating and relevant to everyone.”

Visit or call 01372 450045 for more information.