A schoolboy has landed one of the the best volunteer roles at London 2012.

While other volunteers at the Olympic Park have been given roles like directing fans to the nearest toilet, Gareth Goh, 16, has landed a job at the heart of the action in the centre of the Olympic stadium.

The Sutton Grammar School for Boys pupil, who is from Mitcham, has the task of driving a metre-long remote controlled Mini Cooper up and down the field.

He collects the discuses, hammers and javelins that athletes have thrown down on the grass, and returns them to event officials.

The role has seen him take in the action at the Olympic stadium at some of the most memorable moments of the 2012 Games.

Gareth was ferrying javelins when Jessica Ennis was on her way to winning Heptathlon gold, and was standing in line with the finishing line as Usain Bolt won the 100m gold.

The aspiring athlete said: "I know have one of the best jobs at the Olympics. The view of the action has been unbelievable."

"We're doing our job but also can realise what's happening around us."

He got the job after originally being selected as a kit-carrier for athletes. But he was in the right place at the right time when the organisers were looking for someone for the role, and he grabbed it with both hands.

He has ended up sharing the role with a team of nine other volunteers at the Games from the Sutton school.

The group, members of the school's athletics team and their teachers, applied to be Olympic "Gamesmakers" after Gareth suggested they should get involved, after his dad had also applied.