A swan lost a wing and can no longer live in the wild, following a dog attack.

The male swan was attacked on July 19, in Battersea Park, with police being called to the incident just before 5pm.

A member of the public alerted police to the attack after witnessing a large brown dog savage the swan in South Carriage Drive, lake side.

The owner of the dog was struggling to control the animal, which held onto the swan by its wing before the bird managed to break away.

Parks police officers found the swan bleeding with a broken wing, but could only get within a few feet because it was still stressed.

The swan sanctuary were called at the swan was taken to safety to the sanctuary based in Shepperton, Middlesex.

The cob is now unable to return to the park, with the female swan left to care for five cygnets alone.

Police have been unable to find the woman who owned the dog, who has not yet come forward.

Melanie Nelson, a trustee of the Swan Sanctuary, said: "He has recovered well and is now living in mixed group of swans in a protected environment.

"Sadly the wildlife and country side act makes it impossible for him to be released back with his family. We hope that the public will be vigilant and help the female keep her cygnets safe.

"Just like humans there are many single parent swan famillies who cope perfectly well."

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