Midwives and doctors at St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey are working hard to support women who want to give birth naturally after having one or more caesarean sections.

A caesarean section entails major abdominal surgery and comes with risks, particularly when a woman has had two or more.

Frequently a normal birth is a viable option after caesarean section, but most women do not realise this, so the team at St Peter’s are working to educate mothers.

Sarah Ettienne, 32, from Walton, gave birth to her son Lucien on July 18 at St Peter’s.

Her three other children Pierre, 12, and eight-year-old twins Cody and Anais were all born by caesarean section.

Mrs Ettienne said: “The most special time was after the birth, when Lucien was given straight to me for skin-to-skin cuddles and I breastfed him.

“It was very different to my previous experiences as it’s hard to comfortably hold a baby after a caesarean, when you are flat on a bed with a screen up and can’t feel much from the spinal block.

“With three other children at home, it was great that I was able to leave hospital that night and take their new brother home.

“Overall, I can’t rate my experience at St Peter’s highly enough - they supported me every step of the way and helped me have the birth I’ve always wanted.”