The brother of a film-maker who warns against the dangers of knife crime is fighting for his life after being stabbed five times on his doorstep.

Restaurant owner and former Gordon Ramsey chef Binayak Dey, 22, was travelling home from work in Ewell in the early hours of Sunday when he was attacked at his home on Strathyre Avenue, Norbury.

Confronted by four youths he was stabbed in both sides, and three times in the back before being robbed of his mobile phone.

His older brother, film-maker Bivas Ambasada, 29, was working in the family home.

He said: “I heard my mum scream. There had been a party down the road and there were kids hanging about. I had texted my brother earlier to tell him to be careful and he’d told me he was coming straight home.

“I came downstairs and my brother was lying on the stairs – he had collapsed on my mother. He moved his hand and his side was covered in blood. We grabbed towels and called the ambulance but discovered his other side was also bleeding. There was blood everywhere, on my porch, in the hallway. “It has left me completely shocked.”

The former Archbishop Lanfranc and Croydon College student was taken to intensive care where surgeons operated to stop internal bleeding.

Mr Ambasada said: “They had to give him 20 units of blood. Because of the internal bleeding they had to open up his chest to operate. “They say he is stable now and he has opened his eyes, but we still cannot be sure he will come through.”

He remains in intensive care at St George’s Hospital, Tooting after an operation to stem internal bleeding.

Mr Dey opened up his takeaway, which will continue trading in his absence, in February after taking a liking to the area and community.

Mr Ambasada said: "He is a very hard working, very ambitious and stays away from negativity. "He has been in the hospitality and catering industry since he was 14 and last year did work experience at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Mayfair.

"God willing, as soon as he can, he will be back in the restaurant, but at the moment he is still fighting for his life."

Mr Ambasada shot to prominence in 2010 with his short film, History, which told the story of a young man stabbed during a fight and his physical and mental recovery.

The inspiration came from a personal experience when Mr Ambasada saw a friend stabbed in 1998. Since then he has worked to highlight knife crime issues, running film workshops in schools across London.

He said: “Knife crime is worse than a plague and it is spreading. There is a culture of fear and carrying a knife is becoming the norm. “I have always known this stuff was happening, but when it happens to your own brother on your doorstep – it is too much.”

* A 17-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and was bailed until August 28.