Crystal Palace Football Club has been in the spotlight this week but it isn’t the football team which has caught the eye of the nation - and potentially Team GB.

The club’s cheerleaders, the Crystals, have captured the hearts of many after filming a video to chart hit Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen dressed in Crystal Palace bikinis, and now they have a chance of dancing at the Olympics.

The video, inspired by the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, was released on July 11 and got 200,000 views on YouTube after only two days in the public domain. It has now almost reached 500,000.

Fans forums and social media sites have been awash with praise for the video with the club now looking at making more bikinis subject to popular demand. Viewings have come from all over the world, with feedback received from San Francisco, New York, Sweden, California and Singapore.

The success of the video could also propel the Crystals further into the limelight, with the girls hoping to become official cheerleaders for Team GB at the Olympics. Fans had to ‘like’ the Crystals post on the Team GB Facebook page and they have now reached the final five. They will be up against the Panache Bullettes, North London Wildcats, the BBL Girls and Sheffield Hallam Cheer.

A public vote will take place with the final decision being made by Team GB celebrity ambassador Alesha Dixon on July 18. Amie Latter, vice-captain of the Crystals and a lifelong Palace fan, said she could not believe the amount of support the team received.

She said: "We are totally overwhelmed. Everything has gone so much better than we ever hoped. I am feeling ecstatic. "I remember us getting excited when we just had 5,000 views and then we were thinking ‘oh my God we could hit 50,000’ and now it is on 500,000 I don’t think it has sunk in yet. It has gone all over the world.

"The Olympics was another last minute thing, I just saw a tweet about it the other day from Team GB saying any cheerleading squads that want to apply please do.

"So I checked it with Sharon, uploaded the video and then we find out we are in the top five. We have had fantastic support."

Sharon Lacey, head of marketing at Crystal Palace, who came up with the idea to do the video, said: "It started as a fun little pre-season video for the girls so for it to explode like it has and hit almost half a million views in less than a week is incredible we’ve had lots of girls asking to buy Palace bikinis on the back of it.

"Football is still a hugely male orientated game so anything we can do to get more girls interested is hugely positive."

Stephen Browett, co-chairman of the club, said it was amazing the amount of attention the video received.

He said: "I doubt we will get a sudden upturn in season ticket sales but it makes Palace fans feel good, it is funny, it is tongue in cheek, it is colourful and lively which makes the club look good."

To vote for the girls to cheer on Team GB at the Olympics go to