A teenage girl told a court of a phone call where she heard a dying mum beg her killer to save her.

Fon Pronsan, 19, told a jury at Woolwich Crown Court how she was called by her ex boyfriend Reece Ludlow, then 18, after he had stabbed Louisa Brannan, 35, in his Sutton flat.

The mum-of-three died after an ordeal over several hours when she was beaten with a frying pan and repeatedly knifed on March 14 last year, the jury was told.

Mr Ludlow took her back to his flat, in Oakwood Court, Benhill Wood Road, after they had met in the Kings Arms pub in Mitcham.

In a 3am call to Miss Pronsan, who he had broken up with a week before the killing, he told her he had stabbed Miss Brannan and she was bleeding from the neck, back and leg.

Miss Pronsan fought back tears as she told the court she could hear Miss Brannan say "I'm dying, i'm dying" and "help".

She said he told her: "I'm scared babe, I didn't mean to (attack her). I hate myself so much, I don't know what to do, so come and help me."

The judge asked her why she had not rung an ambulance or police.

She replied: "I don't know why I couldn't, I was scared, I was scared of everything he had done.

"At the same time I wanted to help him. I can't put it into words. No matter how much I wanted to I couldn't, I know I should have but I just couldn't.

"I still wanted to protect him, event though I wanted him to face up to everything."

She told Mr Ludlow on the phone she still wanted to be with him "otherwise he would have hurt her even more, and he would have hurt himself", she told the court.

Miss Pronsan told the jury: "I said 'you have to help her'. He said he didn't know what he was doing. He said he was disgusted (with what he had done).

"I told him to calm down and put hot water on her and put clothes on her to keep her warm."

"He said he didn't want to touch her, but he did it anyway... He said it was making him feel ill."

Miss Pronsan, who described Mr Ludlow's manner at one point as "cold and evil" had told her he had attacked her because she had disrespected his mum and Miss Pronsan.

He had attacked her when he was angry, she had begun to take off her clothes to seduce him, Miss Prosnan told the court.

She said: "He deosn't like that sort of stuff you know, when women are like that."

He called Miss Pronsan on multiple occasions over several hours until Miss Brannan's death, the court was told.

The jury heard at one point he told her "there's blood everywhere, my mum is going to hit the f***ing roof".

He had drawn up a contract with Miss Pronsan when they split up saying he would control his anger, in the hope they might get back together, the court was told.

At 6.45am, hours after the first phone call, paramedics found Miss Brannan's naked body in the bathroom of the blood-soaked flat.

The kitchen and bedroom doors and walls were blood stained, while the bathroom was covered in blood.

A bloody, serrated knife and a frying pan covered in hair and blood were found in the kitchen. Another knife was found on the floor.

All were consistent with being used in the attack, the court was told.

Mr Ludlow, now 20, evaded police and was picked up after a major police manhunt six days later, drunk on a train in Victoria station.

He admits the killing but denies murder, stating his mental state at the time of the attack gave him diminished responsibility.

The case continues.


Teen phoned ex while killing mum, court hears