A right-wing Christian TV channel that claims to speak “the word of God” is using the basement of a Surbiton home as a temporary broadcast studio.

Revelation TV was subject to four breaches of the broadcasting code while licensed with UK regulator Ofcom from 2002 to 2010.

It has since transferred its licence to Spanish regulators in a bid to escape what it sees as restrictive political correctness and is currently in the midst of moving most of its operations to the country.

The news comes after a resident called on Kingston Council to check Revelation was running legally from the residential property, which the authority has assured is the case.

The Revelation June 2011 newsletter reads: “We want to be true to our calling and declare the truths of the scriptures.

“The political correctness that exists in the UK makes it almost impossible for a television station like Revelation TV to continue to exist and speak forth the word of God.”

The channel has been licensed by Spanish regulator Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT) since 2010, but is free to broadcast into the UK although Ofcom cannot accept any complaints against it. In the meantime the company is operating from King Charles Road, Surbiton.

It has a base in Swindon that will remain after the move to Spain that office manager Susie Gray said would be cheaper for the company and was prompted when its Genesis House lease was not renewed in March last year.

She said: “We are still going to be doing a few programmes on location from the UK, but most of it comes from Spain.

“It wasn’t really the fact that the complaints were being upheld, it was just the amount of paperwork that it generated to have so many complaints. We felt people were working against us for the sake of it.”

An Ofcom spokesman said: “The country of origin principle, in which you can establish in one European country and trade in all Europe, is not generally considered a loophole. “However, Ofcom has recently made inquiries with the Spanish regulator to ensure that the broadcaster is correctly licensed and not circumventing UK regulation.”

A council spokesman said the Surbiton studio did not require planning permission, has no harmful impact on residents and was expected to remain there as a temporary measure for up to five months.

Channel’s Ofcom breaches

Revelation TV features live phone-in programmes and discussions that often deal with controversial and topical issues.

The channel hosted BNP leader Nick Griffin and leader of the Christian Party, George Hargreaves, for a live head-to-head debate in its former New Malden premises in March 2010.

Protesters turned out to heckle Mr Griffin before he debated the motion “The election of a BNP member of Parliament would be detrimental to Christians in the UK”.

The channel’s Ofcom breaches include the use of offensive language when discussing homosexuals, homosexual behaviour and immigrants and the use of abusive and inappropriate comments regarding Islam.

The regulator also recorded a breach in June 2009 after RTV showed graphic images of aborted foetuses during an afternoon programme, broadcast prior to a children’s show.

Kingston Christian People’s Alliance member David Campanale said in his experience Revelation TV was a professional organisation that spoke from a faith perspective on a range of issues.

He said: “There are always going to be people who make complaints.

”There are people who don’t like Christianity, who don’t like the role of churches in society.”