A Cheam Cricket Club player has described how players and spectators sprung into action to help three nine-year-old boys injured by a falling tree during a game.

The club, based in Peaches Road, Cheam, were playing away against Spencer Cricket Club, in Earlsfield, when disaster struck on Saturday.

Schoolboys Lewis Gaston, George Roberts and Aidan Oakley were badly injured when hit by a huge lime tree when it was blown down in high winds during a practice session at the side of the pitch.

Dr Karolina Miller, the stepmother of Cheam player Danny Miller, battled to save Lewis, who had been dragged to safety by parents and other spectators.

Cheam player Tim Scott said Mrs Miller had helped save the boy, who was left fighting for his life.

She put him in the recovery position when he was not breathing, getting him to swallow because he had a blockage and helping him open this mouth to breathe.

Mr Scott said: "She was a real hero. It's just so lucky she was there to help.

"She acted decisively, she calmed everyone down, and her medical expertise was obviously invaluable."

It was the first time Dr Miller, who lives in Ewell with husband Keith and works as a doctor at Dorset County Hospital, had attended a game this season.

Mr Scott had been watching from the sidelines as his side were batting when the tree came down in high winds.

He said: "There was an almighty crash and there was this tree on the ground.

"It was obviously extremely worrying as there had been 40 to 50 children over by the practice nets.

"We got up and all ran over, the Spencer team were already there and there were parents there. They helped lift a tree to free one of the boys."

Cheam players helped search through the tree to see if there was anyone else trapped.

Ambulance crews and London's air ambulance were soon on the scene and the boys were all rushed to hospital.

Lewis and George remain in a south London hospital. Aidan, who suffered leg injuries, has been discharged.