A mini-cab driver accused of causing the death of a man crossing a dual carriageway has been cleared of any wrong doing.

Syed-Ajamal Syedzadah, 30, was accused of causing death by careless driving after he hit James Worthe, 48, in the early hours of Sunday January 23 2011, on Wellesley Road, Croydon.

Mr Syedzadah, of Clarendon Road, Croydon, was cleared of the charge following a five day trial at Croydon Crown Court on June 1.

The court heard eye witnesses to the incident, which happened as Mr Syedzadah was driving to pick up a fare at the Jury’s Inn, describe Mr Worthe as appearing drunk and acting erratically as he tried to cross the dual carriage way.

Simone Marshall was driving ahead of Mr Syedzadah and had to come to a complete stop when Mr Worthe stepped out in front of her.

As she pulled away slowly she described seeing a second car approaching behind, but not gaining on her.

She then saw him hit Mr Worthe, who had stepped out for a second time.

"As I pulled off I could see him in my rear view mirror. I saw the car coming up the underpass saw the gentleman come out and him get hit."

She added she didn’t think Mr Syedzadah could have seen Mr Worthe due to the positioning of the concrete blocks making up the underpass.

The court also heard Mr Syedzadah stopped his car immediately and his only concern was for Mr Worthe’s safety.

She said: "He told me he did not see him. His main concern was for the man he hit."