A doctor’s catastrophic misdiagnosis led to a man’s leg having to be amputated.

Dr Hans Rag Yadav, who was an employee of the now defunct Croydoc service, failed to diagnose a dangerous blood clot in Brian Dowsett’s right leg.

It was only when Mr Dowsett visited his GP four days later the clot was discovered.

Surgeons removed the blood clot but could not save his leg, which was amputated above the knee three weeks later after parts of it had turned black.

Mr Dowsett sued Dr Yadav for his negligence and last month a six-figure compensation fee was finally agreed and will be paid through Mr Yadav’s insurance.

Mr Dowsett, 76, who lived in Purley at the time, experienced agonising pain in his leg which was white, cold to the touch and had a faint pulse, all symptoms of a blocked artery.

He went to the out-of-hours service on Thursday, January 25, 2007, but was told by Dr Yadav to go home and wait to see his own GP on the Monday. Mr Dowsett saw his GP after the weekend and was immediately sent to hospital for emergency surgery. Dr Yadav has subsequently been struck-off by the General Medical Council and erased from the medical register.

Mr Dowsett was awarded a six-figure sum, which will be used to buy specialist equipment and care to help with his disability.

The retired accountant, who now lives with his wife Christina in Guildford, said it was frustrating that it had taken so long for the incident to come to conclusion.

He said: “It is a relief that we have finally had this admission from Dr Yadav, although it has taken five years for it to come, which has been quite frustrating.

“I used to do a lot of DIY, I used to do a lot of dog walking and golf. I haven’t been able to do much of that anymore.

“It is a frustrating existence sometimes. “There are so many simple things I would like to do, like clean windows and wash the car.

“Then the difficult things are basically impossible.

“I am still in a lot of pain and often feel angry and frustrated about what happened to me, but I am determined to get on with my life.”

Sally Leonards, Mr Dowsett’s clinical negligence lawyer at JMW Solicitors, added: “The exceptionally poor standard of care that Dr Yadav provided to Mr Dowsett, in what was clearly an emergency situation, was completely unacceptable.

“Despite Mr Dowsett’s leg being in a serious condition, an urgent hospital appointment was not made and he was sent home. This had devastating consequences and caused a significant delay in treatment and ultimately the loss of Mr Dowsett’s leg.”