An unemployed uncouth criminal who was offered a second chance by the Secret Millionaire TV show has been suspended from a new job after just six weeks, following a disagreement with colleagues, we can reveal.

The boastful yob named as Alex threatened to rob and steal from Bobby Dudani, founder of the global chain Computer Exchange (CeX) who went undercover in New Addington on Monday's episode of the Channel 4 series.

Within minutes, the aggressive serial offender 20-year-old said if he was offered a job he would be good for two months before he would "take your till, take the safe. I will tie you up and leave you at the back and put fags out on you".

Struggling to decide how best to help Alex, who blames his employment failure on a string of previous convictions including violence and robbery, Mr Dudani eventually got him a job with Able Clearance Removal, based in the town.

He agreed to pay his wages and said he would give him a career, if he was successful in the role for a year.

But six weeks after starting he has been suspended "pending negotiations after a 'disagreement' with another employee in a removal van, the Croydon Guardian has discovered.

Company owner Trevor Terrett said: "Until this incident he was good as gold, honest and conscientious while he was working. He was good and willing to learn.

"When Bobby was talking about this young lad I initially said no, because I couldn't afford to take anyone else on.

"Then he said he would pay his wages and I thought if he is willing to give the guy a chance then I am willing to give him a go too."

When contacted by the Croydon Guardian, Alex asked us to pay £1,000 for his story.

He was told we were unable to pay a fee to which he replied: "you can't pay me for a story? then you can go f*** mate" before hanging up.

After posing as a shopkeeper who lost his only shop in the riots, Mr Dudani visited three community groups in the show.

Pandemic Steel Orchestra which provides musical tuition to students were given £12,500, New Addington Boxing club were given £17,500 and Croydon Auto bike scheme received £15,000.

He also gave £21,000 to the Timebridge Community Centre, which was under threat of closure after their funding was cut by Croydon Council.

A spokesman for Zodiak Media which makes Secret Millionaire said :"We understand Bobby is still working with Alex to help him get back into the workforce."