Yarnbombers have attacked Carshalton Ponds with ducks ahead of the jubilee celebrations.

Two rows of mysterious jubilee-themed ducks have appeared on the North Street bridge overnight.

It unclear where the ducks have come from, but Yarnbombers look the likely culprits.

Yarnbombing, the art of knit graffiti celebrates its international day on June 9, adding to further speculation Yarnbombers are at work.

Knit graffiti is thought to have originated in the US and has seen entire buses adorned in colourful swatches and streets hit with woolen 'tags' worldwide.

Residents are delighted at the work of the guerilla knitters.

Jessica Carvalheira, from California, who works at Honeywood museum in the village, said it has put a smile on everyone in the village.

She said: "It is very cute. My curator said it is a very Carshalton thing to do. The nearest thing we have in the US is fourth of July, and nobody knits."

Janny Koster, 52, a social care assistant from Parkhill, said: "They were not there yesterday so it looks like they have sprung up overnight.

"It is amazing. I knit, but not as well as this. people were stopping the cars when they were driving past this morning just to take pictures.

"This is absolutely fabulous. I applaud her/him/them on this original, creative celebration of the jubilee."

Councillor Jill Whitehead, Chairwoman of Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee on Sutton Council, said: “This shows a whole new side of Carshalton’s ‘close-knit’ community. This is a really charming idea, I’m sure it will bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it.”