The Conservatives have retained a council seat in Wimbledon Park, bucking the national trend in which Labour was a big winner.

Councillor Linda Taylor was announced the winner at midday after the Conservatives held on to the seat vacated by Tariq Lord Ahmad, who resigned the seat in March.

On a day when the Conservatives lost hundreds of council seats across the country, the party actually increased their majority in the Wimbledon Park ward from 650 to 906, when the last council elections were held in 2010.

Councillor Taylor said: "I'm absolutely delighted and thrilled after a good campaign.

"I think we listened to what people wanted in Wimbledon Park, such as needing to protect the [Vineyard Hill] surgery and the issues surrounding Wimbledon Park station.

"I'm very proud to be joining two very hard working councillors who don't just talk about they're going to do, they get on and do it."

Coun Taylor added she will continue to campaign for improved services on the District Line, the surgery and a new school to be built in Wimbledon.

The Labour vote was slightly down from two years ago, with Louise Deegan picking up 931 votes, but this was enough to push them into second place after a collapse in support for the Liberal Democrats.

The Lib Dem vote for Durnsford Road resident Dave Busby was nearly halved from 1548 votes in 2010 to 838 votes.

The leader of Labour-run Merton Council, Stephen Alambritis, said the result reflected residents' dissatisfaction with the Government and praised the turnout of 48 per cent, which was higher than expected.

"The Lib Dems must be gutted"

Coun Alambritis said: "It's shows Labour are knocking on the door in this ward, now that we've pushed the Lib Dems into third place.

"We had an excellent candidate in Louise, who started from nowehere four weeks ago but developed a real traction with voters."

"The Lib Dems must be gutted. I think they were expecting to come second."

Councillor Debbie Shears, Leader of the Merton Conservatives said: “I am thrilled to welcome Linda into our council group.

"With her wealth of experience and engaging personality, she will be a great addition to our already very strong team.

"Local Conservatives will continue to highlight Labour’s failings and show how real improvements can only begin by electing a Conservative Council in 2014.”

Stephen Hammond, the Conservative MP for Wimbledon - added: “Very well done to Linda.

"She will be a great councillor for Wimbledon Park and an excellent addition to an already strong Conservative group.”


  1. Linda Taylor (Conservative): 1,837
  2. Louise Deegan (Labour): 931
  3. Dave Busby (Liberal Democrats): 838
  4. Richmond Crowhurst (Green): 253

(Turnout 48.1 per cent)

How Wimbledon Park voted in 2010:

  1. Tariq Ahmad (Conservative): 2310
  2. Janice Howard (Conservative): 2293
  3. Oonagh Moulton (Conservative): 2198
  4. Dave Busby (Liberal Democrats): 1548
  5. Alice Munro (Liberal Democrats): 1440
  6. Edward Doran (Liberal Democrats): 1380
  7. Hugh Constant (Labour): 1104
  8. Tony Mendes (Labour): 960
  9. Anthony Draper (Labour): 867
  10. Samantha Guy (Green): 440
  11. Richmond Crowhurst (Green): 349
  12. Mark McAleer (UKIP): 204

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