Sutton's newest boozer is a prime example of not judging a book by its cover.

The new bar's signage conjures up images of those shops that flog tacky plastic furniture items, only bought by people from Essex or the blind.

It has two flat screen TV's which bizarrely face into the High Street - presumably for the smokers - that add an element of bookmaker's to the mix. It exudes strip club chic mixed with Blackpool Pleasure Beach tackiness.

But beyond the doors it is an altogether different story.

The front of the bar is dominated by a vast wooden serving counter that sits in the middle of the room reminiscent of an American style bar experience. Ornate mirrors hang from the ceilings and the place and seats line up along the walls.

At the rear of the bar up a short flight of stairs is reserved for VIP action. Three separate booths, again slightly reminiscent of a lap dancing club are separated from the riff raff with a curtain.

Not exactly sure who they are expecting to roll up on a wet Wednesday evening but with Sutton a regular magnet for film and TV crews maybe Jude Law or Brian Connelly might rock up looking for a pint of reasonably priced Budweiser and a plate of chips.

The beers are cold and not over priced which I always find colours my pub experience with a nice rosy tint. Real ale fans can take their beards elsewhere as this bar is strictly for the Friday night lager crowd with not a pull pump of Old Scratchett in sight.

Foodwise we are talking burgers and chips rather than cordon bleu but the menus simplicity fits with the kind of clients I am sure Bounce is catering for.

Overall it's not going to win any awards for innovation but the bar, it's pleasant staff and the overall ambience fit well with other bars along the same side of the street. It's nice to see the old Pepper Lounge finally being used as a functioning business rather than another place to see stick bill posters.

Bounce, High St, Sutton

Atmosphere: ** New bar so still trying to attract a decent sized crowd.

Decor: **** Lovely wooden bar and stylish decor.

Price: *** Pint of Budweiser for less than £4 can't be bad.

Drink: *** No real ale but plenty of other brands Staff: *** Nice and friendly and quick but we were on our own