Dear all,

I have been off this week enjoying some sunshine but I have been keeping in touch to find out how we have been getting on.

We have made an excellent start to the performance year with reductions in Residential Burglary, Robbery and Theft of Motor Vehicle just three examples of the excellent work that your officers and teams have achieved.

Many of you will have heard me say that we have one over arching priority and that is to have less victims of crime than last year.

I know that we will be challenged by this during the Olympics but "Team Merton" have risen to the challenge superbly so far, and hopefully we can sustain it.

Police officers and police staff had an opportunity to attend a briefing with the Commissioner, Mr Hogan-Howe in Surbiton on Tuesday, April 24, which allowed him to outline some of his aspirations for the service.

There was a good turn out from Merton which was positive, these events are held monthly around London.

There is also the opportunity to contact him via the public web chat events which are open to the general public.

We are working on communications across the Borough and are always willing to hear any ideas or suggestions you may have - Twitter is going well and we now have 366 followers (not all of whom are police officers).

If you are not already following @MPSMerton here is a snapshot of the week in Tweets:

  • Man arrested for burglary by Lavender Fields SNT last week - Excellent work;
  • Male charged with three offences of burglary in SW19 after being apprehended in possession of stolen property;
  • Two people charged for public order offences and assault;
  • Dangerous dog seized today by Abbey SNT in response to public concerns;
  • Two arrested for robbery in SW20 this morning as a result of work by our response team and CID;
  • Man arrested at 7.30 this morning in Mitcham for Robbery. Officers are currently investigating;
  • Eviction notice served at 10.30am this morning to people in Peel House car park in Morden by Merton Police. Those sleeping in the area have now left, and a collection team will attend at 8.30am tomorrow to clear the area. Well to done all involved. Merton Council have cleared all debris from Sainsburys Car Park and no one has returned. Excellent team work - huge thanks to all involved.

I am looking forward to being back on the borough next week when I hope the weather has changed.

I will do my best to bring some sun back with me.

Thank you all for your continuing support.

Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Williams is the borough commander for Merton Police. He joined in January 2012 and wants Wimbledon Guardian readers to contact him with ideas on how to improving policing in our borough.

To put forward a suggestion or a question, email: and put "Merton police" in the subject line.

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