A new reality TV show set to rival TOWIE is being made in Croydon.

Reality show Surrey Heights, based in Croydon, will be holding casting sessions for individuals, groups and couples at Shooshh nightclub next month.

The show is being produced by Aimee Butcher and business partner and musician Melody.

The pair have already secured interest from one television channel and are looking for individuals, groups of friends and couples, to star in the pilot episode, which due start filming in June.

The show promises to be glamorous and "more real" than other reality shows, with episodes following the casts' day-to-day experiences.

Miss Butcher, 22, who is a broker and runs an event company said: "We just thought 'if we don't do it someone else will, so it might as well be us'.

"We have lots of ideas for the show. People don't see Croydon as a particularly glamorous place but there is a lot of stuff going on.

"We are looking for people with stories. It's all the same genre of people in reality shows at the moment, but we are going to be very diverse with our characters.

"Some people think Croydon is a rough place and it's not.

"We are going to highlight the good but also recognise the bad, but in a good way."

The program's name has resurrected the argument of whether Croydon is in London or in Surrey, but Miss Butcher insists Surrey Heights is a suitable name for the new show.

She said: "To people moaning about the name, the show is based in Croydon and the surrounding areas.

"Parts of Croydon are in Surrey and we are looking for people from all over, including from the Croydon and Surrey border."

The castings are to be held at Shooshh nightclub on Crown Hill, on May 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Anyone interested in attending a casting session is asked to send two pictures and a small explanation on why they should be on the show to surreyheights@gmail.com.

You will then receive an email after 48 hours inviting you to a casting session.