Dog owners could be fined if they fail to clean up after their pet pooches in Richmond Park and Bushy Park under strict new measures.

Visitors also face on-the-spot-penalties if they drop litter or even cycle in prohibited areas under Government plans to clean up London’s Royal Parks.

Announcing the measures Linda Lennon, chief executive of the Royal Parks, said: “This is good news for those who visit the Royal Parks.

“The measure will help the police deal with the minority whose selfish actions can prevent others enjoying a relaxing visit to safe and clean parks.”

Some visitors to Richmond Park welcomed the penalty fines for illegal cycling stating that it would stop elderly people being intimidated by packs of “men in Lycra”.

However, Alex Heath, 58, who cycles through the park every morning, said: “I’m against draconian laws because a park is a place to relax. Everyone knows what they should and shouldn’t be doing.”

Deputy headteacher Ros Place, 36, of Queens Road, New Malden, was unsure how successful enforcement of the measures would be.

She said: “Littering is a real problem but I’m not sure how it would be monitored.

“Maybe some more litter bins would be helpful because there don’t seem to be that many.”

Dog owner Sabine Florescu 43, of Montague Road, Richmond, said: “I think a £20 fine would be justified for not cleaning up after your dog because we are responsible – but I always keep bags on me.

“Maybe having some bags around the park would help dog owners who just forget.”

Penalty amounts are yet to be finalised before the law is expected to come into force in July.

Offenders would have 21 days to pay penalty fines or request a court hearing following a disorder notice by police.

The new powers will not change the rights of cyclists to use designated cycle routes and roads in the Royal Parks, which also include Green Park, Greenwich Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill and St James’s Park.