A professional model will be dressing up - this time as a badger - to run a marathon for an animal charity.

James Farmer, who has been photographed for the cover of GQ Magazine and models for the fashion industry, will be running the Brighton Marathon on April 15 for the Wildlife Aid Foundation in Leatherhead.

The foundation's founder, Simon Cowell, said: "I’m full of admiration for James as I’ve worn a badger costume myself in the past and it’s not something to take on willingly.

"Those costumes are heavy and bulky and it’s difficult enough to wear one for a short whole but to run a gruelling 26-mile road race in it seems insane to me.

"However, unlike me, James is ultra-fit, and he’s been training hard for this, so I’ve no doubt he’ll go the distance.

"We’ll all be rooting for him on the day."

Sponsor Mr Farmer by visiting www.wildlifeaid.org.uk/wildlife-aid-wishlist/sponsor-james-farmer or call 01372 377332.