A business group is bidding to have shopping guru Mary Portas overhaul the struggling high street.

Surbiton Town Team, comprised of local businesses, has put together a promotional video in the hope the Scottish star will bring her Midas touch to Surbiton’s Victoria Road.

The 99-second film, narrated by madcap fundraiser Robin Hutchinson, laments the decline of the town centre over a montage of empty shops and high street chains.

The self-styled Queen of Shops outlined her vision for the future of UK high streets in a report commissioned by David Cameron, in which she recommended ways to halt the rapid decline of town centres.

She has now been handed £1m to help flagging high streets. And the group hopes to get their hands on the cash in a bid to boost Surbiton.

The plans include a Surbiton shopper’s card which would offer discounts for shopping locally and contribute to funding for local charities.

Mr Hutchinson, the brains behind the Seething Festival, said the team wanted Surbiton to be a place where people can do more than shop.

He said: "We have seen with our community days out, such as the Seething Festival and Ski Sunday, that people are prepared to travel across London to come to Surbiton.

"We want creativity here, we want celebration and competition and we want our young people to take part in what we want to achieve because it will be an incredibly sad day if any of us have to answer the question: ‘Granddad what is a high street?’.”