A taxi driver has corroborated the sighting of "a dark figure" in Epsom last month but has played down its significance.

The man, who works with NV cars in Sutton has been on holiday since the mysterious sighting on February 14 on the Ewell bypass near Nescot College.

His passengers reported seeing a dark figure cross the road in front of the taxi at about 10.30pm before leaping a 15ft bank.

They were amazed by what they saw and likened the figure to the legendary Spring Heeled Jack.

Since the story broke it has been one of the top stories on our websites attracting thousands of hits and comments from ghost hunters around the world.

Their suggestions for the sighting range from a haunted road, apparition, scientific phenomena, and an alien life form to Spring Heeled Jack himself - a mysterious dark figure reported to be responsible for a string of attacks in the 1800s and known for his ability to leap great heights and spit blue flames.

This week the taxi driver said he could not understand what all the fuss is about and refused to speak publicly about what he saw.

He admitted that what he saw was 'a bit odd' but said that he quickly got over it and did not believe there was anything supernatural involved.