Six alternative designs for a new main entrance to Putney Exchange have been put on display at the shopping centre.

A planning application to alter the frontage was submitted by BlackRock, the Exchange's owners, as part of a £10m revamp of the centre which is now 22 years old.

An initial application to change the front was rejected by the Putney Society because the proposals failed to include the Exchange's signature stained-glass windows - which adorn the Putney High Street entrance.

The owners have responded with six alternatives which include the stained-glass windows to various degrees.

Anne Partridge, centre manager for The Exchange, said the reason behind the new-look front was because many people do not realise they are passing a shopping centre.

She said: "It is a sign of the confidence in both the shopping centre and Putney as a location that the current owners are planning to invest £10 million in this redevelopment.

"The biggest challenge that has faced The Exchange since its opening is that many people still do not even know, unless they live here, that there is a shopping centre in Putney and even then its shocking how many times I hear from stores in the shopping centre that customers did not realise they were in The Exchange.

"The entrance to The Exchange has a smaller presence on Putney High Street than some of the larger stand-alone stores such as TK Maxx and Marks and Spencer as an example and porportionately this cannot be right.

"There are six visuals to consider with options one and two being our preferred. Please if you live work or regularly visit Putney, call in and take some time to look at the proposals and if you support our vision for the future please let us know.

At present Millet's and Thomas Cook are next to the Exchange's entrance and the new front would allow the creation of a new shop on two floors in that space.

Other businesses in the Exchange, local residents and Wandsworth Council have expressed their support for the idea of new front.

Susie McHugh, a Putney resident of 35 years, said: "I think the new design looks fantastic. It will really improve the High Street and will throw down the gauntlet to other businesses to smnarten up their shop fronts."

Mike Brook, Wandsworth Council's economic development, said: "The proposed £10m investment in The Exchange should help make sure that Putney Town centre remains competitive and attracts new shoppers and visitors to Putney town centre for years to come.

"At a time when too many national retailers are closing and more people are shopping on line, it is even more imperative for investments such as this to go ahead."

Paul Povey, Waitrose Branch Manger and chairman of The Putney Partnership Board, said: "It looks great and will provide much needed retail space and a very inviting and modern entrance to this important shopping centre."

The display, The Exchange; Past, Present and Future, is on view at The Exchange until the March 26.