Evidence in the Kingston Mosque attack trial may have been destroyed by Kingston police’s property store, a court has heard.

Nine people deny being part of a violent mob that chanted English Defence League slogans as elderly worshippers cowered inside Kingston Mosque during the attack on November 21, 2010.

Lead detective in the case Detective Sergeant Andrew Morrow told Kingston Crown Court evidence including clothing taken from three of the defendants and two sticks recovered at the mosque, could not be found.

To audible gasps from the defendants in the dock, he said it appeared another detective who took the evidence from those three witnesses had agreed their destruction earlier on this year.

Earlier in the trial mosque community relations officer Rizwan Khaliq, who spoke from behind a screen, said elderly worshippers inside the mosque after midday prayers were taunted by attackers.

Mr Khaliq he heard thuds and someone shouting “Oi, come out”, before looking out of the window to see a mob descending, the court heard.

He said: “I then saw an individual who was balaclavered up with a scarf, or something across the face, rush to our window and hit the window with force.

“He had something like a baseball bat or a stick in his hand, which made a very loud sound against the window. I turned to uncle and said ‘Uncle, we are under attack’.”

Caretaker Ali Nait Brhim, who also addressed the court from behind a screen, filmed the aftermath of the attack on his video camera.

He said the mosque’s CCTV system had been installed in 1995 but was not working on the day of the attack.

He said: “I went upstairs because I knew our recording system doesn’t work. It had broken down.”

He was able to tape record some of the men running away, the jury heard.

Helen Akao, who lives in East Road, said she saw a man pointing up at her as she called police.

She said: “I was disturbed. Scared.”

The prosecution was also shown CCTV footage from inside Tesco Metro which they claimed was defendant David Morris buying the bacon later thrown at the mosque.

Martin Pottle, 23, of Hanworth, David Morris, 21, of Epsom, Alfie Wallace, 19, of Shepperton, Terry Earl, 32, of Northolt, Adam Khalfan, 19, of Ashford, Paul Abley, 24, of Feltham, Karl Matthews, 21, of Brentford, Jordan Ellingham, 21, of Feltham, and James Stacey, 19, of Shepperton, all deny violent disorder, affray and racially-aggravated damage.