Labour Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone was left red-faced this week after he published a campaign leaflet with a five-point plan for Sutton – that contained only four points.

The leaflets were handed out around Sutton over the weekend.

Under the heading 'Ken’s five-point plan for Sutton', just four points were listed, leaving residents scratching their heads as to where and what the fifth item was.

Rival parties jumped on the mistake as the May 3 elections for Mayor of London approach.

Former Conservative opposition leader on Sutton Council, Paul Scully, said: “Proof Ken cannot count to five will not instill residents with confidence he can run London’s finances.”

A spokesman for Mr Livingstone said the error was a "minor typo".

He said: "Ken has so many policies that will improve residents’ quality of life, we could not fit them all on the leaflet that contained a minor typo.

"If Ken is elected he will cut transport fares, reinstate police Boris Johnson cut and cut chidcare costs."