A banker who was suffering from depression hanged himself in the rose garden at Battersea Park, a coroner’s court heard today.

Alexander James Christopherson, 35, of Searles Close, Battersea, was found on January 12 hanging from a pergola in the Old English Rose Garden.

He was discovered at 9.20am by a council worker.

Police officers found two letters on the bench next to his body, with one giving instructions not to resuscitate him and the other giving contact details for a work colleague.

He also left suicide notes in his home addressed to his family and friends.

Westminster Coroner’s Court heard Mr Christopherson was known to his friends as Jamie and worked for Commerz Bank.

He had suffered from depression since 2001 and was taking medication, but refused to go for counselling.

Dr Rupal Shah said he diagnosed Mr Christopherson with depression and anxiety, as well as having suicidal thoughts.

In December, he told Dr Shah he had lost touch with people, preferring to be by himself rather than with his family.

He was due for a follow up appointment on the day he died.

A toxicology report found cannabis in his body, but no other drugs or alcohol.

Coroner Dr William Dolman recorded a verdict of suicide, due to his depression.

He said: "It was in the morning of January 12 that he was found hanging from a pergola in Battersea Park, the note by him saying he should not be resuscitated.

"He had been suffering from depression, clearly for many years. We have a note expressing his intention to end his life.

"He killed himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed."