The chairman of the Walton Society has written to Elmbridge’s chief executive to express concerns over the future of Stompond Lane.

Andrew Reid wrote to Rob Moran requesting any covenants and ground conditions that may exist on the site to be laid out and proposed a compromise to keep Walton and Hersham FC at the ground.

The club fought council proposals to move them to a sports and leisure hub in Waterside Drive, Walton, which would see them sharing a ground with rival club Walton Casuals.

In a bid to stave off a move, the club presented an 870-signature petition to council and put forward alternative plans, including new facilities a nursery, fitness centre and houses to fund the building works.

They have pledged to cover all the future running costs if this plan progresses, which would fulfil one of the council’s main objectives of relieving the financial burden.

The council, however, is unwilling to renegotiate the lease, and a court hearing is planned in April to resolve the issue.

Mr Reid said: “The council appears to be pinning its hopes on winning this case by applying for planning consent to build a new running track at Waterside Drive with a two-sided stand for the running track and a football pitch to be shared between Walton Casuals and Walton and Hersham.

“As Walton and Hersham have shown a steely determination to remain at Stompond Lane, I cannot see any chance of the council being able to win this case.”

As a result, the Walton Society has put forward a compromise, for an eight-lane running track at Waterside Drive, with clubhouse and basic stand.

Walton Casuals’ pitch would remain where it is and the area covered in brambles by the pitch would be landscaped for dog walkers.

The proposed work would be met partly, or in full, by the council raising funds from the construction and sale of 10 houses in Stompond Lane, as proposed by the football club.

At Stompond Lane, a more modest redevelopment of the football facilities could be accomplished and the society suggested making a contribution to a new stand as part of a deal to negotiate a lease relieving them of responsibility for future maintenance.

Mr Reid said: “As I see it, if the council loses the court case in April then it will be committed to considerable expense to maintain the sports clubs at Stompond Lane and will not be able therefore to move the athletics club to Waterside Drive.

“It could therefore mean that all those involved in this issue will lose out including the local taxpayers who will inevitably have to foot the bill.

“I therefore would ask that the plan suggested above be considered as the only alternative to allow all those involved to get the best possible deal.”