By Jean-Michel Fromentin, Chairman of Wimbledon Volleyball Club

This project to bring beach volleyball to Wimbledon Park is definitely welcomed by the entire volleyball community within the south London area.

We were waiting for this project to move ahead for years already as the lack of facilities in the area was always the major issue.

People are going up to Brighton (Yellowave beach volley facility) to get a chance to play Beach Volley.

Therefore, we are very pleased to see Merton Council having announcing such project even if at a proposal stage.

Having a sandy area suitable for beach volley in such a lovely place as the Wimbledon Park will allow more people to practice a sport activity either for fun or at a competition level.

In this Olympic year, having UK facing obesity level never reached before, such a move shall be supported.

Definitely, people shall support the idea even if potentially some details will need to be look at carefully to consider all stakeholder interests.

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