By John Prendergast, via email

Further to your story about parking hot spots in Merton, (Bus lane cash bonanza, Wimbledon Guardian Feb 9), I just want to tell your readers not to waste their time appealing should they get caught in Russell Road.

We were caught there when we would have happily paid a parking fee for an hour.

The signage is not clear and in a different format to many other parking signs in Merton and London and we were ticketed as we misread it.

The figures in your table suggest we are not alone in being caught out and on the day we were ticketed another car was also issued with a fine and a resident even commented that many are caught out there.

I appealed unsuccessfully to the parking adjudicator who was sympathetic to my appeal but stated Merton were complying with parking regulations although the sign could be written in a different manner.

So if you get caught there pay your £30 and like it or lump it, unless Merton Council decides to make the signs clearer.

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