A new Liberal Democrat report into policing has outlined where improvements can be made.

Tom Brake, MP for Carshalton and Wallington, this week published Trusted, Professional and Effective: British policing at its best.

The paper proposes changes to police forces to improve public confidence in the force.

It includes measures to make police more accountable, protect police numbers, and create an institute for policing excellence.

Commenting prior to the event, Tom said: "We have fantastic police officers who are dedicated, able and trying to do their best by the community they serve. Yet as an organisation, the police suffers from a lack of confidence and trust.

"Many of the criticisms relate to a perceived lack of fairness in the way people have been treated. Labour’s legislative assault on our civil liberties has been disastrous for the reputation of the police who enforced it.

"It is essential that we clear up Labour’s legacy and end people’s feeling that they are both over-policed and under-protected. This paper demonstrates how the Liberal Democrats would do the right thing to restore public confidence."