Figures dressed in corsets, top hats and goggles raced snails and took part in tea-duelling at the weekend.

The first Surrey Steampunk Convivial stomped through Epsom, Sutton and Kingston on Saturday, February 25.

The day began with a history walk through The Avenue in Worcester Park, which is the road that HG Wells lived in when he wrote The Time Machine, hosted by local historian Clive Popkins.

They went on to visit two pubs and enjoyed a shadow puppet workshop, a traditional Steampunk sport known as tea-duelling and snail racing.

Organiser, Ben Henderson, 40, from Worcester Park said: "It was very good and very well attended.

"The snail racing was very funny and the music in the evening was fantastic."

Steampunk is a movement based loosely around science fiction of the Victorian period as seen in films such as the League of Gentlemen, the Three Musketeers and the new Shelock Holmes films.

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