A former homeless man is directing and starring in a play about his experiences.

McQueen Francis, 47, of Lambeth, grew up in Battersea and once squatted in a house in Rectory Grove, Clapham.

He turned his life around after enrolling on a drama course at the University College London and has gone on to a enjoy a succesful acting career.

The semi-autobiographical play called Squat tells the story of squatters living in Clapham during 1993.

Francis plays the part of ZigZag, a rock legend who has lost all his money and is suffering from a mental breakdown.

He said: "Back in the early 90's I was homeless, I suppose that point in my life was stressful and depressing.

"I had a turbulent lifestyle, it is amazing I have retained some sanity. My life is a lot different now, I have gone through some amazing changes."

Francis grew up in Wandsworth and once worked in the play services department for the council.

He was made homeless after breaking up with a partner and suffered problems with depression.

The squat was shared with artists and cost Francis £5 a week to live there during the early 1990's.

Squat is on at Etcetra, Camden High Street on April 23, doors 7.30pm.

To book tickets call 07972514378.