A wildlife centre is winding down after 30 years of rescuing animals.

Cheam Wildlife Care has been saving animals since 1983, but has decided to slowly restrict its intake and refer animals to other centres.

Paul Morin, the sanctuary’s founder is retiring after three decades of hard work, but said the centre would always give advice to those who require it.

He said: “It is very sad for the wildlife, but we cannot carry on doing it forever.

“We could not have gone on as long as we did without our dedicated supporters and volunteers.

“We were the first [sanctuary] in the London area.

“It all started from small beginnings and people brought in birds hurt by cats. Many of our volunteers have now started their own centres.”

The centre has rescued its fair share of birds of prey, including the fastest living creature in the world, the peregrine falcon.

It has always prided itself in releasing animals back into the wild, but they sometimes received animals that were unreleasable, including Corky the Crow who is now 19 years old.

Although the centre is winding down it still has animals it is nursing and plans to return to the wild.

Humphrey the hedgehog was brought to the centre in September 2011. He was found under a barbecue cover in a garden with two dead babies and no parents in sight.

When he arrived he weighed 130g but the centre has managed to get his weight up to 900g and nurse him back to health.

They have chosen a spot in Worcester Park for Humphrey’s return to the wild in April.

For more information or animal advice call Cheam Wildlife Care on 020 8644 2773.