A teenage girl killed herself with her mother’s insulin days after splitting up with her boyfriend, an inquest heard.

Former Carshalton High School for Girls pupil Charlotte Wasey, 17, was found dead in her bedroom in Wallington by her mother Samantha Martin on June 26 last year.

The talented photographer was found in bed in Friar’s Court, Harcourt Road, just after 10pm, with a needle and six vials of her mother’s insulin, which had been stored in the household fridge, strewn around her.

Charlotte, a Kingston College student, who did not suffer from diabetes, had taken a “dangerously large” dose her body could not cope with, Croydon Coroner’s Court was told.

The inquest on Thursday, January 19, heard she had clearly been upset after a disagreement and split from her boyfriend days before.

Her mother had said she had cried when telling her about the break-up.

Charlotte sent her boyfriend texts saying: “I don’t want to live anymore” and “I can’t live without you, I need you.”

The day before she died she wrote to him saying: “You won’t hear or see from me anymore, I will make sure of it.”

The court heard there had been signs of a reconciliation between the couple, then no contact between them for 24 hours before her death.

She had previously taken her mother’s insulin before and survived, and had in 2010 been the subject of care proceedings by social services, the court was told.

Mrs Martin said her daughter had taken the party drug mephedrone, also known as Meow Meow, two days before her death, which the consultant pathologist said would have already passed from her system.

No traces of illegal drugs were found in a postmortem examination.

Charlotte, who dreamed of becoming a professional photographer, had been excelling on a photography course at Kingston College at the time of her death.

She loved music and going to concerts with friends. She was an animal lover, with eight cats, two gerbils and a budgerigar.

At her funeral, attended by hundreds of friends and family, her parents described her as their “gorgeous, darling beautiful daughter”.

Coroner Dr Palmer said there were “too many uncertainties” to say the “tragic death” was suicide or an accident.

He said the row and the texts were more than 24 hours before the death, and there was nothing on the day she died to indicate her intentions.

He said: “Therefore because I don’t have the evidence for suicide or on the balance of the evidence an accident, I will return an open conclusion.”

He recorded an open verdict, with the medical cause of death an overdose of insulin.