There has been a late clamour for the Wizard man of Sutton to be an Olympic torch bearer.

A Facebook group has been set up calling for the authorities to consider pagan high priest Conrad Pugsley for the honour.

The page, which has been given the Facebook thumbs up by nearly 6,000 people, has apparently been set up by a friend of Mr Pugsley.

Unfortunately, the cut off date to be a torch bearer through Olympic organisers LOCOG was in November.

One person on the Facebook page wrote: "Aww [sic] I saw him the other week with out the dog and cat, bless him, that was sad, it would be wicked if he was a torch holder."

So far, only one Sutton resident has been announced as a torch bearer ahead of this summers Olympic games.

Jim Mundy, a 60-year-old ambulance worker who has run 266 marathons, will carry the torch between Ipswich and Norwich.

Mr Pugsley was unavailable for comment.