A car enthusiast who travelled across the world to pick up a rare sports car was driven to complete a bizarre request before striking a deal with a Surbiton dealer.

Car dealer David Seaton agreed to sell a 1987 Porsche to Australian police officer Joe De Sousa on one condition – he took a picture of the classic car on the set of Neighbours.

Mr De Sousa had travelled thousands of miles to Surbiton to pick up a bright red Porsche so was happy to fulfil the fan’s request to get his hands on the dream car.

Having bought the vehicle in September, Mr De Sousa had to wait for the car to be shipped and decontaminated before he could take delivery.

It finally landed on his doorstep in Melbourne just before Christmas but there was one more task left to complete the deal struck in Surbiton.

Mr Seaton, who works in Woodland Cars, St Marks Hill, Surbiton, said the request started as a joke.

He said: “We have been winding each other up over email about the rugby so I was sure he was going to take the photo and sure enough he did.

“It started out as a laugh but as the weeks went on I started to really want to see the car on Ramsay Street. It was crazy to think that the car had started in our showroom but was now on the other side of the world and on the set of Neighbours no less. It was very exciting.”