A woman from Hackbridge has begun a journey to sustainable living in an 18th century wash house.

In August 2011, Georgina Dawkins, 34, moved into a cottage believed to be the washhouse of the grand building known as Hackbridge house.

The building was demolished in the 1960s, however, some of the workers’ cottages still remain.

After living in a third floor of a flat in Forest Hill, Miss Dawkins decided she wanted to transform her life and attempt sustainable living in the old wash house.

Since moving into the cottage, Miss Dawkins has salvaged and used objects, which most people would throw away.

Miss Dawkins who works 9am to 6pm in corporate responsibility, has barely spent a penny on furniture after acquiring it from friends and family.

She has made her own fences and benches and said: “It’s all about opportunity; you have to wait for things to happen and put out the word.

“I want to do more myself; I just feel we throw so much stuff away at the moment.

“The house is Grade II listed so there are limits to what I can do, for example no solar panels.

“I can’t do everything all at once but I’m making small changes bit by bit.

“I now have space for a composter so I have one of those.

“I want to make a dog poo composter and a bug hotel.

“I don’t think there is an end point where I can say ‘I am living sustainably now’ because there will always be things I could do more sustainably, but if I am making an effort, and reducing my consumption of things that don’t really matter, then that’s all good in my opinion.”

Miss Dawkins said she would love to hear from anyone who has information on the house.

To contact her or to follow her progress to sustainability, visit theoldwashhouse.info or follow her Twitter page @oldwash house.