A cyclist who broke six ribs after being knocked down in a hit and run is appealling for information to trace the driver.

Craig Hughes, 24, who works at a pharmaceutical company in Epsom, was cycling along Kiln Lane, Epsom on Wednesday, January 4, at about 9.30am when he was flung from his bike as he navigated the roundabout near Sainsbury's.

His bike, which was tossed into the air and was slammed into his ribs before Mr Hughes landed in the middle of the road.

He said: "I was on the roundabout and had right of way and the woman was joining the roundabout and I think she didn’t see me but was looking at the car behind me.

"She basically took out the back of my bike and made very strong contact with the back forks in the wheel.

"I was knocked off my bike and I have had six ribs broken, a bit of whiplash and scrapes and bruises."

Mr Hughes say witnesses saw the driver, of what he thinks was a black Ford Focus, stop momentarily 10 metres from the incident, before driving off.

The wheel of Mr Hughes £1,000 bike, which he had had less than a week, was bent out of shape and its back fork bent.

Repairs are expected to be well into the hundreds but Mr Hughes cannot claim through insurance as the driver has failed to come forward.

He said: "The initial thought was 'how unlucky can you be'.

"At the time I was probably more worried about my bike than myself.

"I know the risks of riding my bike.

"I commute every day to work and I take every safety precaution.

"If the person had stopped and showed some remorse I would have been fine with it but the fact that she drove off and didn’t really care, I’m pretty hacked off about to be honest."