Eccentric and charismatic are just two of the adjectives used to describe the late Jimmy Saville.

So what better mode of transport to suit the TV personality than his very own customised Carowagon.

The bizarre vehicle goes up for auction at Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge, and is expected to fetch in excess of £15,000.

The converted Range Rover - a vehicle choice for the military - comes complete with a double bed and wash basin.

Compassionate Saville used the vehicle, which he owned until 1983, on his some of his many charitable trips to Stoke Mandeville and Broadmoor hospitals.

Saville’s iconic status has been reinforced since his death at the age of 84 last year and this, according to auctioneer John Tomlin, has ignited “a massive amount of interest” into the DJ’s strange contraption.

The other highlight of the auction, which takes place on February 18, is the cockpit of a 1941 mark 2 Spitfire - there being only one in the world in flying condition.