People can enjoy undisturbed sleep once again, now Network Rail has finished overnight works at Walton station.

Those living nearby complained of being woken up by loud and continuous bangs on Sunday, January 15.

A Gainsborough Court resident, who lives opposite the railway line, said: “I woke up to what sounded like a load of scaffolding coming down.

“I couldn’t work out where the noise was coming from, but it was terrific - really loud.”

A forum member on posted on Tuesday, January 17: “Really hacked off. The banging woke me at 1.15am. By 3.18am I was hunting for something to stuff in my ears.

“Very tired and emotional, but mostly furious. Three nights of very little sleep.”

A spokesman for Network Rail said workers were installing an access point to the railway from the car park in Station Road.

The improvements will make it easier to get specialist equipment on to the line for maintenance works, so future work can be completed more quickly and disruption to passengers reduced.

The spokesman said: “The first stage of the work involved laying a surface across the tracks. This had to be done at night when no trains were running.

“This is now complete and the remainder of work will be done during the daytime. We apologise for any disruption this has caused.”

The rail company claimed it sent a letter to residents advising them of the works in advance, which several living close to the noise disputed.