Independent stationers Websters are giving servicemen something to write home about by sending 1,000 top of the range pens to those on the front-line.

Webster’s Stationers, who have run a store in the Whitgift Centre for 15 years, with company Fisher, are shipping the Fisher space pens to soldiers in Afghanistan for Christmas as part of the welfare packages sent by charity Support our Soldiers (SOS).

Sandra Davey, volunteer and regional coordinator for SOS in the South of England, said: "The companies have come together by very kindly donated 1000 of their Space Pens to our lads and lassies serving overseas at Christmas, all the better to write home with to their families and friends.

"Each Christmas Parcel sent by SOS contains a little package for its recipient, this year 1000 of these will be even more special. Each pen will also contain a message from the sponsor."

Specified by the US Air force, law enforcement agencies and mountaineers alike, the anti-gravity pens will function under water and upside-down in extreme environments from subzero conditions to the searing heat of Afghanistan.

Webster’s will also donate 10 per cent of all sales of the Fisher space pens in November and December to support our soldiers from the online shop