Police have been carrying out an inquiry into whether officers breached the Data Protection Act when they arrested an animal rights protester outside a circus.

Richmond police said they would inform the Directorate for Professional Standards after campaigner Lesley Dove, 47, alleged she saw the full name and phone number of a woman who made an allegation against her.

Mrs Dove, of Rectory Grove, Hampton, said she was shocked when the officers left the victim’s personal details in full view on a screen in their car as they issued her a fine her for a public order offence outside Zippo’s Circus, in Old Deer Park. She said she had no intention of contacting the woman, who she had never met before, but was able to use the information to find out more about her on the internet. She said: “I could have been some kind of dangerous person and could have taken down that information and subsequently harassed her.

“I wouldn’t do that, although I’m really angry with the woman, but I felt it was extremely unprofessional of the police.

“It’s scandalous that someone can make a complaint to the police and they leave that person’s details in full view.”

Richmond police said they would contact the Directorate for Professional Standards, which investigates complaints against officers’ conduct.

A spokeswoman said: “At this time we have not received a complaint and we are in the process of establishing the full circumstances.

“We will be in contact with the victim to address any arising concerns and the Directorate for Professional Standards will be informed in due course.”

Officers arrested Mrs Dove at about 2.15pm on Sunday, November 13, and fined her £80 after the woman complained she had used language that caused her and her six-year-old son alarm and distress.

Mrs Dove, a vegan who has also organised protests against deer culls in Richmond and Bushy parks, claimed they had argued outside the circus as she handed out leaflets to audience members about its use of animals in the show. Zippo’s Circus has strenuously denied any mistreatment or cruelty.

Richmond Council has invested £100,000 to create new sporting facilities at a school.

People living nearby will also be able to use the sports hall, gymnasium, Astroturf pitch and multi-use games area at Orleans Park School in the evenings, on weekends and during school holidays.

The new centre already has a programme of regular classes and activities for children and adults including pilates, fencing, taekwondo, toddler soft play and a bouncy castle.

Councillor Pamela Fleming said: “Opening this centre will make sport even more accessible to those living in the Twickenham area - and encourage them to get out, be healthy or play.” The facilities will also be available to hire for birthday parties and other special occasions.