A policeman whose kitten was mauled to death by foxes is worried they might attack children.

Seven-month-old George was killed in his next door neighbour’s garden in Pam’s Way, Ewell Court, last Thursday, November 10.

His owner, PC Robert Mitchelmoore, 38, who works for the Metropolitan Police, rang the RSPCA and Epsom and Ewell Council hoping they would be able to set a trap to remove the killer fox from the area, but found there was little either could do.

Mr Mitchelmoore said: “Our little cat found a hole that the fox had made and went next door.

“It looks like the foxes were hiding in our next door neighbour's green house and he was attacked.

“I got a hysterical phone call from my wife because she hadn’t seen him for a while.

“She had a look over the fence and saw him lying there with his neck all eaten.

“I took him to the vet but there was nothing they could do.”

PC Mitchelmoore, who has three young children aged three, seven and nine, said: “It’s lovely area we live in and there lots of children and the last thing I would want is for a child to get hurt or for it to get into someone’s house.

“They are hungry and tend to come out on Thursday night which is bin night.”

Residents Association Councillor for Ewell Court, David Mayall, who lives close to Mr Mitchelmoore, has asked residents to follow national advice not to feed or encourage foxes into their gardens and to ensure domestic pets are secured in their cages. He said: “They become domesticated and reliant upon people feeding them and that’s why we have them in the situation we do.

“These are wild animals and they are territorial.

“If another domesticated animal comes near them they can feel threatened by that.

“We just want people to be aware of this and that feeding foxes is an issue and they should refrain from doing so.

“We are not doing ourselves any favours or the foxes as they become less wild and lose that natural instinct to hunt and scavenge for food.”