Discussions over a controversial waste disposal facility believed to include an incinerator in Beddington were held behind closed doors at a Croydon Council cabinet meeting.

Such was the secrecy surrounding the decision only cabinet and shadow cabinet members were given council papers including details of the plan.

At the meeting on Monday November 14 Labour councillors appealed for issues over the impact on traffic and environment be discussed in public but these were dismissed following advice from council solicitor Julie Belvir.

She said: “I do understand this is unusual for Croydon Council where we have a record of openness but given what has happened at neighbouring authorities this decision was made.”

Labour Leader Coun Tony Newman said this was undemocratic “Backbench councillors must have these papers in the interest of democracy. All have responsibilities to report to their members.”

Last week The Croydon Guardian exclusively revealed the planned facility believed to be supported by the South London Waste Partnership is expected to be built at Beddington Lane.

Should this be chosen it would be subject to planning permission from Sutton Council.

Coun Phil Thomas, cabinet member for environment refused to be drawn on promises the Conservatives made in 2010 that no incinerator would be built and hinted at the proposal when attacking Labour leaflets at the time stating two were planned.

He said: “Tony Newman was telling people there would be one in Beddington Lane and one in Factory Lane. If he is not a liar then where is the one being built in Factory Lane?”

A final decision is expected to be announced next week.