A senior councillor has been cleared of misconduct and breaking council rules while campaigning for the expansion of a primary school.

Councillor Peter Walker, Merton Council’s cabinet member for education, was reported to the standards committee in June for a letter he to Wimbledon residents lobbying for the expansion of Dundonald Primary School during a public consultation.

A campaign group trying to prevent redevelopment on Dundonald Recreation Ground complained that Coun Walker had improperly used the electoral roll and had misrepresented official statistics.

The Save Dundonald Rec group also alleged Coun Walker misled residents by not making it clear that the letter had not come from the council and was sent by the Wimbledon Labour party.

But Fiona Ledden, in her report to the 14-person standards committee last month, said: “Whilst the letter was sent on behalf of Councillor Walker in his role both as a councillor and in particular as Lead Member for Education, that it did not breach the code of conduct.

On the letter she concluded: "The combination of not having the logo on the paper confirming that it was the Labour party promoting the letter and the use of the 'contact creator' online system derived from the electoral roll was poor judgement."

She added: “I consider, following my conversation with Councillor Walker, that he would benefit from a short session on the Code of conduct even though the confirmed existence of a compulsory code of conduct in the future in currently unclear.”

Coun Walker said he was unable to attend a previous training session on the code of conduct because of a "family engagement" and that he relied on advice from officers on his public responsibilities.

Coun Walker told the Wimbledon Guardian: “This complaint has already cost the council several thousand pounds in unnecessary legal fees which could otherwise have been spent on providing local services.

“I understand concerns over the effect that the development may have on Dundonald Rec. However it is my belief that if this expansion goes ahead it will greatly improve the facilities of the Rec and most importantly ensure that local five-year-olds can attend this outstanding primary school.”

Lorraine Maries, from Save Dundonald Rec, said she was disappointed with the council’s decision and said her campaign group would continue to challenge the decision to redevelop the pavilion in Dundonald Recreation Ground through the courts.

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