Affectionate, fun-loving and laid back are just some of the endearing terms used to describe one little boy who is looking for a new family.

Joseph, who was born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome,(FAS), has been looking for a permanent home for 14 months, following the death of his birth mother.

The two-year-old has a good attachment to his foster parent, who he has lived with for over a year, but would blossom further with the care and love of a permanent family.

His foster carer said: “I wish I could keep him because he’s such a joy to have around. He’s just great, he’s not got a mean bone in his body, he’s a delight.

“He went from strength to strength when he came to me, within six weeks he was a completely different child.

“He’s just like having a parcel, every time you pull off a layer of paper there’s a better one underneath.”

To date Joseph has surpassed initial development expectations and can now walk, run and play independently, speaks clearly in phrases and has good concentration and understanding.

The outgoing little boy eats, sleeps and plays well, he loves other children, is very gentle with his carer’s pets and has excellent health.

Joseph is looking for a one or two-parent family who can provide him with a settled routine and give him a little more hands-on care than the average child as his development is uncertain.

The toddler, who wears glasses for a lazy eye, is of British and Moroccan heritage and his mother expressed a wish for him to be raised as a Catholic or within the Christian faith.

He has annual letter box contact with his birth father.

If you can help, contact Kingston Adoption Team.