Crazy calendar creators are provoking controversy by including Cane Hill in an Insane Asylum 2012 Wall Calendar.

The Coulsdon site, closed in 1991, has been chosen to feature in the unusual publication, produced by Roundabouts of Britain, who are also responsible for calendars featuring topics such as road kill and prisons.

Kevin Beresford, president of the Roundabout Appreciation Society, said: “It is a bit of a prickly subject certainly but we try to make calendars that are truly unique and this is certainly that.

"The thing with insane asylums is they are often these wonderful old Victorian buildings that are now disappearing from our landscape.”

Cane Hill, opened in 1882, at its peak held 2000 patients, including Charlie Chaplain’s mother, and both Michael Caine and David Bowie’s brothers.

Mr Beresford, who visited the site earlier this year as part of research, said: “I was delighted to include Cane Hill - It is the asylum seeker's paradise, if you get what I mean. It is the Holy Grail. ”

A large fire last year destroyed much of the remaining site and the water tower, chapel and administration buildings are all that remains.

The Homes and Communities Agency is planning to build a residential and commercial mix project including aroun 700 homes, retail, a supermarket and office space.

Cane Hill has been picked as July, and Mr Beresford says the calendar, which also features Bethlem asylum in Bromley, is selling well with more than 1000 orders already placed.

He said; “We can’t get any retailers to stock it but that doesn’t seem to have stopped demand.

"Of all the projects I have done this has been the most interesting. Some of the details about how we treated our mentally ill then are just terrible. This will probably take the title of the most Un-politically correct calendar we have done so far but is actually something people should remember.”

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