A protest over the sale of controversial Golliwog dolls took place in Sutton High Street today.

Councillor Lester Holloway, who organised the protest against the Memory Lane gift shop, was joined by comedian Ava Vidal, who recently starred on BBC's Mock the Week, and about 10 other protestors.

They were concerned by the shop selling Golliwog dolls, which they feel are racist.

Coun Holloway said: "We have got to draw the line with what is acceptable. It is a symbol of racism. We are in a different era, but history remains the same."

After meeting at Sutton train station, the group moved down to Trinity Square.

They were met by Jeff Bailey, 76, holding his placard stating "Save the Golliwog".

Mr Bailey, who made the placard earlier in the week, said: "I can't see the problem with a shop selling them. If they are used for political motives then it is wrong, but they are only dolls."

"They are only offensive to a few people. This protest today is just stirring up trouble."

John Brown, 73, from Sutton said: "All this is a load of rubbish, Golliwogs are not offensive."

Delroy Constantine-Simms, a psycologist who joined the protest, said: "This is a moral argument. I don't want to see my grand kids seeing these dolls as accepted. It is nostalgia which is based on hatred."

Wainaina, 24, from Kenya, said: "It doesn't bother me if people want to sell them. It's a free country. "Where I grew up, everyone was black, I did't recognise I was black until I came to England. "It is nothing compared to the tribal conflicts that go on in Kenya, people need to get some perspective."

Protestors were not allowed into the Time Square shopping centre where the Memory Lane shop is situated.

The shop was closed today. A note on the door said this was because manager Louise Bennett was ill.

It is understood the closure was on advice from the shopping centre.

Times Square declined to comment.