The work of a Croydon volunteer was praised at the annual Peace Awards ceremony in London.

Jad Adams has been chairman of Croydon homeless charity Nightwatch since 1991, and he received a Team London Award at the annual Peace Awards ceremony held at City hall on September 20.

The awards form part of Annual London Week of Peace, which this year ran between September 18 and 25.

The Team London award recognises and honours Londoners who have made a significant contribution to safety in the capital.

Mr Adams has been a volunteer with Nightwatch, helping homeless people in Croydon for more than 30 years.

He said of the award: "It is a great personal honour, but it is also an honour to receive the recognition of so many volunteers particularly because we work in a field where volunteers aren't away appreciated by statutory authorities.

"I think we have an obligation to fight evil where it exists and if we know something is wrong and we have a power to do something about it, then we should.

"I think homelessness is a great evil and I knew I had the skills to do something about it."

Nightwatch helped 29 families who lost their homes as a result of the riots in August. The charity provided families with furniture, bedding, pots and pans and crockery.

Mayor Boris Johnson said: "I have met some outstanding individuals who truly encapsulate the spirit of London.

"Their stories are truly inspiring from people who had the courage to confront the extreme criminality that happened on our streets, to those like Jad who have helped people re-build their lives in the aftermath."