A family who declared their Carshalton home a new country celebrated their nation's third anniversary this week, and will now push the Government for official independence.

Austenasia was created on September 20, 2008, when founding father Terry Austen, now aged 43, and his son Jonathan, now aged 16, declared independence from the Sutton suburb.

But having met with MP Tom Brake in May and then receiving a letter from the Foreign Office two weeks ago, the "micronation" are ready to push for state independence.

The rebel outpost stretches to the edge of the Austen family's back garden in Green Wrythe Lane and is complete with its own flag, TV station and state capital, Wrythe.

Jonathan said: "We created Austenasia after being inspired by other "micronations", such as Wilcsland, a new country in Wiltshire.

"The aim now we have reached our third anniversary is to continue the push for independence and to try to get Austenasia on to people's radar.

"We want more reform so we will need to consolidate the legal system and the constitution but we will also need to expand the empire further than the house, garden and the garage."

Mr Brake confirmed he is pursuing the matter with Foreign Secretary William Hague to establish the criteria for determining whether a country should be recognised as a new nation.

He said: "I wish Mr Austen every luck with his campaign but wonder where the border controls would be set up."

But following two leadership changes in the last two years - firstly when Emperor Terry abdicated in February 2010, but then again in March 2011 when his replacement Esmund III was given a vote of no confidence - the current leader is Emperor Declan I.

A Wikipedia page dedicated to "micronations" lists Austenasia as: "A constitutional monarchy comprising three privately owned properties that have declared themselves independent under the leadrship of a house in south London."